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Reliance Health Insurance believes that Private Health Insurance is the best way for India to finance growing healthcare needs and enable people live better lives.  With this at the core we are investing towards magical customer experience to build a sustainable, profitable health insurance enterprise.

Why Individual Health Insurance is a Must

You may be doing everything right to stay healthy; like eating clean and exercising right. Even then, a medical emergency can arrive unannounced. Hospitalisation and treatment at such times could be a financial burden if you are not prepared. The

What Calamities Like Fani Warn Us About?

As natural calamities like cyclones, storms and hurricanes are hitting the coastal parts of India more frequently, it has turned out to be even more important to prepare ourselves in every possible way. Most importantly, storms are getting more severe

Don’t Always Invest for Gains, Invest for your Health Too!

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and fixed deposits are common investment avenues that can help you increase your wealth. But there is another avenue that requires your attention: health. Good health is the single most-valuable asset one can have. Only when

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