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Five Health Insurance myths busted.The Greeks believe that Zeus is the god of the sky and the ruler of the Olympians. The story of how he became the lord of the universe is quite exciting. But all said and done, it is mythology. Unfortunately, even earthly topics like health insurance propagate some myths too. If you believe in these, you may not make the best use of your health insurance. So, we busted five popular myths for you. Here’s a look:

You don’t need health insurance if you are healthy

One may assume that only the elderly or the infirm need health insurance. This is not true. In fact, the best time to get health insurance is when you are young and healthy. Life is uncertain and can change for the worse at any time. A health insurance policy can shield you from medical emergencies at all times.

Having health insurance from an early age can keep you insured at every life stage. It makes sense from the financial angle too. It is much cheaper to buy health insurance in your 20s compared to your 30s or later.

A group health insurance is enough

It is good if your employer offers a group insurance policy. Yet, that may not be adequate. Read the fine print of the policy. Check if you are well-covered. The policy may not cover specific benefits that you might have wanted. It is common for organizations to cut costs by reducing coverage. Also, you may not be able to claim the entire cost of an expensive treatment procedure. As a result, take out a primary insurance cover. Treat your group health insurance as a backup. This ensures that your entire treatment gets paid for by the health insurer, and not you.

Only earning members need health insurance

It is important that health insurance covers your entire family. This includes children, spouse, and parents. Claim surveys reveal that two out of three claims are of medical expenses for dependents. It is always better to get coverage for your whole family instead of just you. You only end up saving money.

People who smoke and drink cannot get health insurance

This is a very common and baseless assumption. In reality, individuals who smoke and drink can certainly buy health insurance policies. The only clause here is that the insurance premium can be higher. This is because such habits may lead to higher health risks.

You can only claim reimbursement for hospitalization

It is a common myth that you get covered only if you are in the hospital overnight. These days, there are a lot of day-care surgeries like kidney stone removal. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital overnight after the surgery. Most insurance policies cover such day care surgeries. To top this, you can find a few insurance companies that offer even more. They cover dental treatments, doctor consultation fees and so on.

Health insurance is important and everyone needs it. The many myths floating around only misguide people. Ignore these and look out for a policy that services your needs. Research the different policies available. It will help you choose one which is most relevant for you. After all, health is wealth.

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5 Health insurance myths busted

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