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Are you living in a metro city Dont forget to get medical coverageUrbanisation in India has been growing by leaps and bounds. It stood at 27.81% in 2001[1] and reached 34% in 2017[2] People are steadily moving from rural areas to urban cities for jobs and a better quality of life.

Most of this movement is localised to the metros that have turned into major corporate hubs. The younger population in towns and other parts of the country move to the metros for better career prospects. It is here that they realise their dreams and work towards building a more meaningful life for themselves. If you are one of those promising youths who has moved to a metro city, you may be well aware of what it takes to make a mark and rise in life.

For one, living in metros can be an expensive affair. The cost of living ranges from ₹ 16,000 to ₹ 54,000 depending upon your location and the lifestyle you choose[3]. Besides, metros are vibrant and have a lot to offer. The latest trends and the city’s charms can leave you beguiled.

And in all this, it is natural you may forget to set aside some income towards savings. It is understandable if you haven’t thought of buying insurance up until now. But nothing can be more pressing than having adequate medical coverage. Just as the cost of living and lifestyle expenses are rising, so are medical costs. To assure yourself and your family that you are secured in the event of a medical emergency, having a medical health policy is essential.

Here is why you must consider it:

Employer policy may not be sufficientEmployer policy may not be sufficient – There are good chances you have employer health insurance coverage. However, in most cases, this cover may not be enough. Corporates buy group policies that may not cover certain diseases and ailments. It is suggested to get personal medical coverage even if you have an employer cover.

Get the benefit at a low costGet the benefit at a low cost – You do not have to pay hefty amounts to buy a medical policy. In fact, most standard health insurance plan like ‘More’ are affordable and can fit into your budget. The younger you start, lesser is the premium amount. If you do not want to buy a comprehensive insurance policy, you can opt for a basic one. You can change the plan according to your needs in the later years.

Lifestyle ailments are on the riseLifestyle ailments are on the rise – We get busy with work due to which other aspects of life take a backseat. Most jobs these days are sedentary, and it is likely you may not have enough time to exercise. Due to lifestyle changes and dietary habits, health conditions such as cancer, heart stroke, back problems etc. are now hitting even the young. Now, there is no guarantee that being young means being healthy. With Reliance Health Insurance, suited (customized) to your needs, you can avail timely and quality medical care. Also, when there are no pre-existing health conditions you may not have to endure a waiting period.

hectic travel scheduleYou may have a hectic travel schedule– Does your job demand you to travel frequently and take you to different cities? In this scenario, it can help to have a health insurance plan in place. With easy to choose, More from Reliance health insurance, you can avail quality healthcare services cashless from over 5000 network hospitals across India.

Better financial planningBetter financial planning – Health-related emergencies often come without warning. Perhaps, you may not have the necessary finances at hand when that occurs. You may have to put your savings into buying an asset or may not have an emergency fund allocated. With medical insurance, you do not have to worry about arranging funds at the last moment. This can save your family a good deal of trouble during challenging times. With the right health insurance plan, you won’t have to dig into your hard-earned savings. Secondly, you receive tax benefits with the purchase of a medical policy. The current ceiling on health insurance premiums is ₹ 15,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Live the life of your dreamsLive the life of your dreams – Instead of constantly worrying about saving money for probable health risks and compromising on current hobbies/cravings, your health insurance plan acts as an emergency health fund, leaving considerable amount of money at your disposal to spend.

A good Health insurance plan will be your steady friend in any big city. If you buy More from Reliance health insurance online with 10% discount today, you can thoroughly enjoy the perks of being in a spirited and lively city.

Source: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/sp.urb.totl.in.zs



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Are you living in a Metro City? Don’t forget to get Medical Coverage

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