' Don’t Always Invest for Gains, Invest for your Health Too!

Invest for your HealthStocks, mutual funds, bonds and fixed deposits are common investment avenues that can help you increase your wealth. But there is another avenue that requires your attention: health. Good health is the single most-valuable asset one can have. Only when you have good health can you think of increasing wealth. That is why investing in a health policy is necessary for every individual.

Let’s look at the various reasons for which investing in a health insurance plan is a good idea:

Impact of lifestyle changesImpact of lifestyle changes

The general lifestyle of us Indians has changed significantly over the past few decades. And while we have grown positively wealth-wise, it has negatively impacted our health. Factors like working at desk jobs for long hours, high stress, preference for fast food and little or no exercise means the chances of contracting diseases have increased manifold. The number of cases of heart attack has been on the rise among 30-40-year-olds, according to a report by Economic Times[3]. Investing in a good health insurance planfrom an early stage can provide good financial coverage against such medical issues.

Take care of medical emergenciesTake care of medical emergencies

A health crisis can occur at any time and anywhere. Road accidents, heart attack or crippling chest pain require immediate medical attention. And having a health policy is perhaps one of the best ways to be ready for such emergencies. Instead of withdrawing money from your investments like fixed deposits, mutual funds, stocks or personal savings, you can rely on your health insurance. When you invest in a More from Reliance health insurance, you can select a convenient hospital from over 5000+ network hospitals to receive cashless treatment. The insurance company foots the bill on your behalf instead of you having to pay from your own pocket. This is a critical advantage in the case of medical emergencies.

Good quality of treatmentGood quality of treatment

Investing in a sound health insurance, customised to your needs frees you from worrying about the expenses involved. Instead, you can concentrate on receiving proper treatment and getting back in shape. For instance, treatment for a road accident does not end with hospitalisation. It includes regular check-ups with the doctor, physiotherapy, proper medication and rest. Investing in Reliance Health Insurance allows you to focus on holistic treatment to recuperate well, as it covers 180 days of post-hospitalisation  and 90 days of pre-hospitalisation expenses, which is the best in the industry.

Another way to save moneyAnother way to save money

Medical inflation has been surging in India[4]and  is likely to continue rising over the next few years. This can make it hard to manage the various expenses that come with it, such as ambulance charges, doctor’s consultation fees, hospitalisation charges, diagnostic scans, medical tests and expensive medicines. You could burn a significant hole in your savings if you pay for all these expenses by yourself. Instead, when you invest in More from Reliance health insurance you get extra cover  for your sum-insured and that too at no extra cost (e.g. ₹3 lakh extra cover on ₹10 lakh cover or ₹2 lakh extra cover on ₹5 lakh cover for free). All you need to do is spend a small, yearly premium to take care of expensive health bills. Here too when you pay for a 12 month plan you get 1 month extra for free, which means your annual premium covers you for 13 months. So, by investing a few thousand rupees each year in a health insurance plan, you could avoid losing lakhs of rupees in case of a medical emergency.

Tax benefitTax benefits

Investing in health coverage comes with its tax benefits. Payments made towards health insurance for you and your family are eligible for tax deductions of up to ₹ 25,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. And if you have purchased health insurance for your parents, you can benefit from an additional deduction of ₹ 25,000. Senior citizens can enjoy a maximum deduction of ₹ 50,000 per year. This can help you save a significant amount of money each year.

An effective health insurance policy, like MORE from Reliance Health Insurance, not only allows you to benefit from the best health treatment; it also helps you save money significantly each year. The premium amount to be paid for health coverage is minimal compared to the potential cash outgo in case of any significant medical issue. So, in addition to putting your finances towards future growth and investments, you can also channel a small portion towards health insurance to keep your family safe, secure and protected.

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Don’t Always Invest for Gains, Invest for your Health Too!

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