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Health insurance when travelling abroadIt is always a great thrill to travel to distant lands. Going out with your family and visiting exotic locales can be one of the richest experiences of your life. You get to meet new people and discover new cultures. And not to forget the food! Travelling is not complete without treating your taste buds to new and varied dishes. But the enriching experience can turn sour if you face a medical emergency due to an accident or a grave illness while abroad. You may be left stranded, both emotionally and financially. This is when having a health insurance plan can help you. Here’s why.

Health insurance when travelling abroad

Anything can happen

It is good to be optimistic but you should also be prepared for any emergency situations when you are travelling abroad. For example, what if you sustain an injury due to an accident? Such situations could result in an extended hospital stay in a foreign country.

Expensive cost of treatments

Medical treatments can be very costly in foreign countries. You may have created a specific budget for your vacation. But these emergency situations could increase your expenses quickly.  For instance, ambulance services or air lift services can be quite costly in case of an emergency. To avoid this, it is always better to have a health insurance to protect yourself against these expenses.

Travel medical plans

Before you travel, the first thing you should do is to check if your existing insurance policy covers you and your family when you are travelling abroad. Most policies do not offer medical coverage when you travel abroad. That’s why it is better to take out a travel medical plan to ensure that you and your family are well covered when it comes to health.


A travel medical plan would cover your medical costs when it comes to illness or emergencies. This means that you get reimbursed for any unexpected medical costs such as dental care or hospitalisation. In case you are stuck in a remote area, the plan ensures that you are safely transported to a hospital where you can receive good medical care.

In addition, some policies also offer travel accident benefits. This means that in case you are seriously injured or killed on a foreign trip, your family receives financial compensation from the insurer.


It is always better to be prepared for such situations instead of regretting later. But in case something untoward happens, it can definitely take care of you financially. With a travel medical plan, you can forget about medical bills when you are abroad. Instead, you can focus on your trip and your family.

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Health Insurance when Travelling abroad

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