' How to avoid Health Insurance Claim Rejection

Here’s how you can avoid your Health Insurance Claim from being rejectedHealth insurance is godsent during a medical emergency. That’s the main reason why you get a health cover. But there are chances the insurer is sometimes compelled to turn down your insurance claim. This despite you having an insurance cover. It can be devastating for you both personally and financially.

But don’t get the wrong idea that insurers can reject your SOS according to their whims and fancies. Insurers, on certain occasions, have to rescind the insurance claim because they have to abide by pre-determined ground rules. There are strong reasons why they have to play by the book and turn down your plea.

So, how can you avoid being in a similar sticky wicket in times of medical strife? Here are certain things you need to do to ensure your health cover is not rejected by the insurer:

filling formFill in the application form correctly

When you first seek out a health insurance policy, you need to fill out an application form. Many people tend to leave this task to their agents. This should be avoided though. You are the one who knows the best about your body and medical conditions. You don’t want the information to be wrong or misrepresented in your application form. In case the application contains errors, the insurer could reject your claim in the future.

accurate infoDisclose accurate information about yourself

Many people tend to lie or hide important information from their insurers. For example, when it comes to pre-existing conditions, people avoid mentioning them because they fear that the insurer will not provide coverage. This can come to haunt you later if the insurer finds out that you have not disclosed the information accurately. The insurer has the complete right to reject your claim if you do not disclose accurate information about yourself.

Ensure your policy is active

Some of the biggest problems in life can arise due to small mistakes. Not remembering to renew your health cover, for example. It is very important that you renew your policy each year in a timely manner. Not doing so can mean that you are no longer covered for insurance under your policy. Remember, a health insurance provider can settle your claim only if you have an active health insurance policy.

contact optionsDon’t delay in contacting the insurer

Communication is the most important thing when it comes to claim settlements. In case you or one of your dependents are hospitalised, you need to notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. Your insurance policy may mention a time frame within which you are supposed to relay the information. Regardless, it is best not to delay beyond 48 hours after hospitalisation.

add onAdd-on covers can be important

A person is checked into a hospital or a heart condition. He has an active insurance policy. However, if his policy does not cover that particular issue, his claim will be rejected by the insurance company.

A lot of times, people choose a basic cover in order to avoid spending an extra amount. This can help save money in the short term. But in case of an emergency, it can be problematic. A basic insurance policy does not cover many different kinds of health issues and treatments. It is better to opt for add-ons to ensure that you are fully covered. Accidental cover and critical illness covers are some of the important add-ons you may want to consider. And remember, these add-ons can help you gain better coverage at an affordable rate.


Dealing with a medical problem can be quite traumatic. In such a state, there can be nothing more frustrating than finding out that your health insurance claim has been rejected. However, insurance companies don’t reject an insurance claim simply on a whim. That is why it is important to be extra careful when it comes to health insurance. Therefore, by following the above steps you can avoid getting your insurance claim from being rejected.

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Here’s how you can avoid your Health Insurance Claim from being rejected

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