' How to Buy Health Insurance Online?

How To Buy Health Insurance OnlineBuy your health insurance online to save time and money

From quinoa to ragi, almonds to ghee, every day we keep hearing of superfoods that promise to protect our health. But we cannot just add them to the grocery list as soon as we hear of them? Our health is way more important for us. We can’t afford to depend on hearsay. We download the newest book on the topic, we read up articles, or we ask the nutritionist. Before deciding, we do our research. And after considerable deliberation, we may place an order online.

We must follow the same drill while choosing health insurance. The different insurance providers have details on their products available online. You do not have to chase an agent as your parents probably did. And you don’t have to take anybody else’s word for gospel. Go online, read, compare, and zero in on the plan you find most suitable. The next step is to simply buy your health insurance online

How to buy health insurance online

Like all important decisions, research is the key. First, you must know the options available to you.  Ask the right questions: What kinds of health insurance plans are available? Which insurance providers should I approach? Where can I access different health insurance plans? Who should I consult if I need advice?

Once you have the basic information in place, it’s just a matter of following a few simple steps.

Get your material together: You gather your information by asking around. Ask your friends and financial advisor. Ask online. You will get an idea of the reputable companies that provide health insurance. Go to each website, click on the link for online health insurance. You will see the whole bouquet of plans.

Provide relevant details: Most websites have a ready matrix of information required. Provide relevant information like age, income, and the number of family members to be covered. You will get an approximate idea of your eligibility. This gives you estimates of the amount of coverage that you can buy. Also, you will get to know the plans that may best suit your needs.

Get the online quotes: The demographic information matters. It helps the insurance provider assess your potential medical risks. Your age, the area you live in, profession, medical history etc. are relevant. Based on these, the insurance providers give you a quote. That is, they tell you how much premium you may need to pay for a certain coverage amount. This amount is specific to a particular plan.

Download the brochures: By now, you would know if you need a cashless policy or whether you’d prefer a reimbursement one. You know whether you need critical illness cover. You have an idea of which plan suits you the best. But don’t just skim through the highlights. Download the brochure and the policy document from each website. Read all the coverage details with care. Make sure to go through the fine Print as well.

Compare the plans: Look at plan coverage and premium amount. Does any plan give you higher coverage for a lower premium? Can you extend the coverage to children or in-laws? Can you top-up the amount? What are the exclusions? Are there any sub-limits on entitlements? Think of things like bed charges per day allowed. Read up online reviews.

Note the benefits: Most health insurance companies have a mail or chat option. Ask what benefits accrue upon purchase. Ask if you get any discounts. Most health insurance premiums come with tax benefits. Look them up. Is there a restoration option? Sometimes, if you exhaust the yearly limit before time, the insurer restores it. Look at the entitlements like hospital cash, maternity cover, pre- and post- hospitalisation.

Choose the plan that suits you best: Calculate what your final cost will be for each plan. Weigh the costs against the coverage and additional benefits like day-care coverage, medicine cost reimbursement etc. Look at factors like renewability, cashless facility, the option of adding members. A high settlement ratio is a good indicator of robust services.

Pay online: Make your payment through net banking or your debit card or credit card. With online purchase of health insurance, you save yourself a lot of time. You do not have to get into endless rounds of discussion with pushy people trying to sell you just any plan. Also, your policy period starts as soon as you pay. With discounts and competitive quotes, you get to save some money too. So, go online and start your research.

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How To Buy Health Insurance Online?
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How To Buy Health Insurance Online
The complete guide on how to buy health insurance online. Go online, read, compare the plans, and choose the health plan you find most suitable.
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