' I follow a healthy lifestyle; do I still need health insurance

i follow healthy lifestyle do i still need health insuranceCongratulations for leading a healthy lifestyle! After all, good health is considered to be one of the greatest gifts in life. You can follow your passions more easily with a good health. A happy life, too, becomes more possible.

That’s probably why there is a growing awareness on the topic of health. Many people are trying to lead healthy lifestyles. For instance, you cut out junk food and the couch potato lifestyle. Instead, you choose healthier options and regular exercise. You do whatever you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, where does health insurance come in the picture?

Let’s find out if a healthy lifestyle is any substitute for a health insurance:

cost of hospitalisationYou can afford the high cost of hospitalization

Most people need healthcare services at some point in their lives. Even the healthiest person could fall sick sometime. Without health insurance, you have to pay the medical bills yourself. This could be a problem if the expenses are huge. Even otherwise, it could be challenging to arrange for money on a short notice. With health insurance, though, you can get the whole treatment without cash.

cost of healthcareYou can beat inflation while getting healthcare

The cost of medical treatment has more than doubled in urban India during the past decade. If you have health insurance, you can concentrate on getting better. Otherwise, you will waste time and energy worrying about paying the bills. Imagine if you had to make the rounds between the admission desk, the billing counters, the pharmacy and the nursing station when you are still recuperating! Not a great idea, right?

unforeseen crisesHealth insurance protects against unforeseen crises

Consider what happened to Sanjay, a healthy 25-year-old. He jogged three kilometres every day and hit the gym regularly. He hadn’t faced any major health issues for a very long time. But one day, he slipped down a flight of stairs and suffered from multiple fractures. It even required an operation and hospital treatment. Naturally, the bill was huge. Sanjay had not bought health insurance. So, he had to pay the medical bills out of his own pocket. It is always good to be healthy. But the point here is that accidents are unpredictable. And they can affect your overall health too!

protection from diseasesYou are protected from diseases that also affect the healthy

Neither can you control nor predict your susceptibility to illnesses. Many illnesses —food poisoning, dengue, viral fever, or epidemics —may occur even if you are healthy. At such times, your health insurance will come in handy more than your general health.

affordableHealth insurance is more affordable when you are young and healthy

The cost of health insurance rises with age. A middle-aged person needs regular health check-ups for cholesterol and other lifestyle diseases. In some cases, they need treatment from a specialist. All this can be costly. As a result, delayed health insurance usually means paying higher premiums. This is because health insurance policies are much more affordable when you are younger. So, being healthy is no substitute for a health insurance cover. But good health can certainly get you coverage for a lower price.

To sum up

Don’t discontinue your policy when you are healthy. You may never know when an illness may strike. It is important to have health insurance coverage at all times. Buy a health insurance policy when you are young. The premium will be lower that way. And you help you remain covered as you grow older.

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I follow a Healthy Lifestyle; do I still need health Insurance?

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