' It's time for new beginnings with Reliance Health Insurance

new year beginnings with festive seasonNew beginnings are always a reason to celebrate. This festive season that marks the beginning of the new year in many parts of our country, brings with it memories to cherish and hope for a brighter and better future. These celebrations bring with them ways to cheer and bond with our loved ones, who are an integral part of our lives, that we always want to love and protect. So why not this festive season we make a new beginning by covering them with the right health insurance plan – More.

So, we at Reliance Health Insurance always strive to make a product that revolutionizes the Health Insurance Industry, and that’s why we came up with MORE, a health plan that’s Easy to Choose, Easy to Buy and Easy to Use.

We boast of being completely paperless with 100% online experience. Not only withdrawals, but all our processes, right from buying an insurance policy to renewals, payments, etc are completely digital. With this, buying the right health plan from Reliance Health is just 3 mins away. All this will go a long way to stay equipped for the future that is trending to turn digital and cashless – with 5000 network hospitals we have managed to build an incredible strong cashless network. Thus, when you join us in this fresh new journey and buy health insurance plans from Reliance Health Insurance, you can be rest assured that there is always a top hospital nearby in your network that can be reached effectively when in time of an emergency.

Additionally, new times also require a whole new adventure, something that hasn’t been tried before, something radical that changes everything. For us this time came when we included robotic surgeries in our health plans, ahead of anyone in the category or covering hospitalisation due to Mental illnesses, that became disruptive category-first initiations and made us the most preferred choice amongst health insurers.

Oh Yes! We forgot to mention our flexible More Benefits options that you can add to your health plan– like getting MoreCover (Pay for a 5 lacs plan and get 2 lacs cover free), or MoreTime (Pay a 12 month premium and get 1 more month free) or MoreGlobal (Covering hospitalisations abroad for free) at no extra cost.

We are not just there to ease you buy but we have a unique way of servicing our customers. We at Reliance Health Insurance after many considerations decided to never have a call centre but instead came up with a revolutionary new experiment in customer service called the ‘Take-a-Call’ project. We found that call centres or even in-house customer service teams were lagging on providing the best solutions to customers because in most cases the people taking the call were not empowered enough to make meaningful decisions. Thus, in our ‘Take-A-Call’ project we have our very own employees who take calls from customers, listen to their problems and provide them with the best solution. So, there is a chance that when you call us, our CEO himself will pick up and solve any problem or concern that you might have. Thus, Reliance Health Insurance is progressing and becoming better equipped to provide the best service that is in sync with the times to come.

With so much that we have designed around you, mark a new beginning with us. Let us together start afresh and set out in a journey making sure you and your loved one’s health is safe, no matter how adventurous the path ahead may be. With Reliance Health Insurance you will always have a friend who’s on this new journey with you and will take care of your health come what may.

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It’s time for new beginnings!

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