' Look at the Network Hospitals when Buying a Health Policy?

Why Should You Look At The Network Hospitals When Buying A Health PolicyMurphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As far as irony is considered, one thing that we can say for sure is that life is uncertain. Tragic incidents, unplanned emergencies and unfortunate mishaps are never called for and do not ring a bell before they arrive. As it is said, prevention is always better than cure, therefore, it is suggested to always be prepared, come what may. Health insurance is one such preventive measure that can save you from any such uncalled mishap.

A health insurance policy is an investment that protects you from unexpected expenditures related to your health. All your medical emergencies including the hospitalization charges, doctor’s consultancy and even your ambulance charges are covered under health insurance. However, there are few parameters like waiting period, claim settlement efficiency, cashless treatment and hospitals empaneled, to be considered before buying an ideal health insurance policy. Amongst these parameters, checking the network hospitals is a very important one as we previously mentioned that emergencies can strike anywhere, hence having a high coverage of network hospital can help you avail treatment wherever and whenever you need. If your treatment is done at any hospital other than the network hospitals, in such a scenario, one has to pay from their own pocket during the time of treatment and later submit the non-network hospital details and the doctor’s details along with treatment documents to the insurer to claim reimbursement.

One major benefit of network hospitals is that you obtain the cashless option. Cashless make the claim process swift, since the hospital is in the network of the policy provider, the insurer directly pays to the hospital. Thus, reducing the stress of rising bills for the policy holder and ensures smooth treatment.

If you get treated at a network hospital of your health insurance plan, there are very minimal documentations you are required to provide thus creating a hassle-free experience.

If you are going for a planned treatment you need to be close to the comfort of your home or loved ones. Hence, you should ensure that the hospital is in your vicinity at any time of emergency. Thus having a health insurance plan that has a large network of hospital and one such is well within your reach is a boon. For the same reason, you should always check the nearby hospitals which are included in the insurer’s network, before zeroing on the health plan.  A large network hospital will be very crucial in emergencies as you will have multiple options then. Like Reliance Health Insurance offers cashless treatment across 5000+ network hospitals across the country. Very recently RHI also partnered with Tata Memorial Hospital to provide policy holders access to cashless treatment for cancer.

Another aspect that makes it necessary to check the network hospitals is you need to make sure that you receive treatment from quality health centers. The best health insurance plan consists of verified and widespread network of quality hospitals and clinics.

Distance also matters when you’re on the go. If you’re on vacation, your provider network should be big enough that no matter where you are, you always stay covered at all times. This will also make sure that you’re able to find a hospital quickly, in case of an emergency, be it regarding you or your family. With MoreGlobal benefit from Reliance Health Insurance you can as get hospitalizations covered across the globe and the best part is that you can opt for this benefit free of cost while buying the More Health Plan from Reliance Health Insurance.

So with Reliance health insurance on your side, what do you say to uninvited emergencies taking a hit on your savings? Not today!

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Why Should You Look At The Network Hospitals When Buying A Health Policy?

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