' Things to know before buying Health Insurance in India

Things to know before buying health insurance in IndiaWith good health, you can conquer the world. Health-related emergencies, on the other hand, can put your plans on the backseat for a while. To recover from such episodes, you need two things – quality healthcare and mental peace. The current progressive state of medical insurance in India can easily give you both.

It is advisable to buy a comprehensive online health insurance plan for security during emergencies. Try considering these aspects so that you can make the most of a medical plan for your need.

  • Your needs: It is a good idea to list down your requirements before you set out to buy health insurance online. A few factors you can consider are family history, the age of family members and lifestyle. Medical insurance in India is expansive, and there is something for everyone. Examine every aspect of a good health plan to know how it can suit your requirements.
  • Individual and floater covers: There are two types of health insurance plans you may want to consider. Individual cover is for one person, you can buy it for yourself to cover from any health emergencies. Floater covers can cover all your family members under one policy. It is advisable to opt for this online health insurance plan if all members are young and healthy. In the case of senior citizens, it is recommended to choose for individual covers and not make them a part of the floater plan. Since senior citizens are more prone to age-related illness, hence because of higher health risk you will end up paying a much higher premium. Thus, Individual plans will help protect them with a higher cover to fight most ailments.
  • Insurance amount: It is wise to have an approximation before you set out to buy your health insurance plan. A sound medical plan can covers expenses up to an entire year. You can try making a rough estimate towards this purpose by checking your premium on our premium calculator online. However, you may want to note that premiums also change with the sum insured. Experts suggest keeping your health insurance plan in line with your income and expenses. Health insurance allows you to analyse your premiums vis-a-vis the insured amount. You can use a premium calculator to choose a plan with an affordable premium. You also get a 10% discount when you buy your health policy online on reliancehealthinsurance.com
  • Claim process: Medical insurance in India has come a long way, and lengthy claims processes are now outdated. Today, purchasing and receiving a health insurance policy has become more comfortable and faster. While seeking the right health insurance, consider looking for a health plan that has a hassle-free claims free claims process. Like More from Reliance Health Insurance offers you to place a claim online in a matter of few seconds and even provides dedicated assistance across empaneled hospital.
  • Waiting period: Some insurers that provide medical health plans that offer a waiting period for pre-existing ailments. The policy can cover you only after the waiting period has elapsed. This period generally ranges from two to five years. If you have a pre-existing condition, it is wise to check about the relevant disease on their waiting periods.
  • Network hospitals: The field of medical insurance is growing rapidly. Most insurers are well connected through an extensive network of hospitals within their purview. This feature can benefit you in the form of cashless payments. With this attribute, you can now receive treatment without making upfront payments. The network hospitals settle their bills directly with the insurers. This option can bring immense relief during emergencies when you would need a hospital in close proximity or in another city when you’re travelling. Look out for this feature when choosing your health plan like More from Reliance Health Insurance has a strong network of 5000+ hospitals.
  • Lifetime renewal: It is advisable to buy health coverage at an early age. While buying insurance you will find that premium amounts increase with age. Starting at an early age can give you an advantage. Moreover, you receive yearly renewal benefits and hassle-free claims experience. Make the most of a medical plan by selecting a policy and renewing it each year.
  • Benefits: Medical coverage can provide you with additional benefits that give you relief during unexpected circumstances. For instance, you have More from Reliance Health Insurance gives you MoreCover free, like if you choose a sum-insured of Rs. 5 lakhs, you opt for Rs. 2 lakhs extra cover, without paying anything extra. You can also choose MoreTime benefit, where you get 13 months cover for a premium of 12 months, at no extra cost.
  • Check the sub-limits: Another factor you must be aware is sub-limits when buying health insurance. Sub-limits can restrict the amount you can spend on hospital rooms, ambulance etc, but with Reliance Health Insurance, the health plan has No-Sublimits on hospital room rent or ambulance cover.

Health is your real wealth and insurance can safeguard you against any health risks. With these points, you can protect yourself well on your rainy days.

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Things to know before buying Health Insurance in India

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