' This Holi colour your loved ones with MORE Health Insurance

This Holi colour your loved ones with MORE Health Insurance benefitsWe Indians are known for our desire for more. Holi is the perfect example of this, where we decide that there can never be enough colour and continue to fill our land, sky and self with more happiness. So this Holi, let’s colour our loved ones with MORE Health Insurance cover. Reliance Health Insurance brings its flagship, MORE Health Insurance cover with unique MORE benefits.

When you buy health insurance like MORE, you will get as promised, always more, never little, never less:

With MORETime, you get 13 months cover for a 12 month premium; or 26 months cover for a 24 month premium which means, you get one month free in a one year plan and two months free in a two years plan respectively

With MORECover, you get ₹ 2 lakh additional free cover on ₹ 5 lakh cover; or ₹ 3 lakh additional free cover on ₹ 10 lakh cover, that means your ₹ 5 Lakhs cover becomes ₹ 7 lakhs and ₹ 10 lakh cover becomes ₹ 13 lakhs respectively

  With MOREGlobal any emergency hospitalisation abroad is covered (up-to defined limits)


Out of these three, you can choose one for no extra costs at all, and the other two benefits at a very nominal cost.

That’s not all, just like the tremendous amount of sweets to be found at any Holi party, with MORE Health Insurance, there is always more. This health insurance seeks to provide coverage for treatments that are not generally covered under regular health insurance plans (and usually come with a 50% co-payment), like –

  • Futuristic robotic surgeries, which are less invasive and results in quick recovery
  • Coverage for stem cell therapy and other similar upcoming futuristic technology in the medical sciences field that are making headway to revolutionise the industry and public health
  • Moreover, even your round trip radio taxi bill for to and fro trip to the hospital for planned hospitalisation is now covered up to Rs.500/- Yet again, like happiness is found in these colourful celebrations with your loved ones, there is of course even more to cheer with MORE Health insurance, that provides features such as:
  • Lifelong renewal that can ease off worrying about age limits for renewal
  • Restore benefits
  • Discounts for health check-ups
  • No limit on emergency ambulance so that you never have to worry about costs when in time of emergencies
  • Organ donor coverage
  • Domiciliary benefit
  • Any day-care cover
  • No sub-limits on room rent
  • Very lucrative co-payment options.

Additionally, we at Reliance Health Insurance observed that there were several crucial health issues that were not being covered by other health insurance plans. Hence, in our relentless effort to always deliver more for our customers, we went on to provide:

  Coverage for even alternative treatments.


Coverage for diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Very other few health insurance plan cover mental illnesses.

Thus, we can proudly say with confidence that we stand by our name, we bring you MORE. So this Holi, go MORE with your colours, your love for your dear ones and cover them with lots of colours and a health insurance that keeps them safe and truly brings them much MORE.

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This Holi colour your loved ones with MORE Health Insurance benefits and enjoy 10% online discount.

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