' What Calamities Like Cyclone Fani Warn Us About?

What Calamities Like Fani Warn Us AboutAs natural calamities like cyclones, storms and hurricanes are hitting the coastal parts of India more frequently, it has turned out to be even more important to prepare ourselves in every possible way. Most importantly, storms are getting more severe as climate change is becoming a stark reality. The Fani cyclone that had hit the coastal regions of Odisha is a clear indication of the same. Wind blowing at a speed of over 200 km per hour can bring tons of havoc and leave behind a trail of destructions. Severe loss of property has been caused in Odisha during this recent disaster. The death toll has already risen to 64. Needless to say, many people got injured and some even lose their lives.

The damaging effects of cyclones like Fani can be horrifying

We all know about the destructive power of these types of extreme severe cyclones. But, people living in those areas actually go through the pain and horror. Even after the storm has passed, people living in the affected areas have to deal with a lot of hardships. Besides property damages, physical injuries and water-borne diseases also take a toll on their lives.

As cyclones like Fani cause heavy rainfall, therefore it often leads to flooding in the low-lying coastal areas. Floods can significantly increase the transmission of a wide range of water-borne diseases. Some of them are- typhoid fever, dengue, malaria, and cholera. Even after a month, one can clearly witness the after-effects of extreme severe cyclones like Fani.

How to prepare yourself for it?

While you cannot prevent cyclones from hitting your region, you can certainly prepare yourself well to deal with the after-effects of the same. Right after the cyclone has passed, the first thing that physically injured people would need is emergency medical attention. This is why the hospitals and nursing homes remain packed with patients in such situations. If you are not covered by a health insurance policy, it can become difficult for you to pay your medical bills when you are already dealing with other forms of losses. Having a health insurance policy can protect you in a number of ways, such as-

  • During such disasters, you might need emergency medical evacuation. If you have a health insurance policy, which covers not just you but your family too, it will be easier for you to ensure the safety of your loved ones.
  • The damaging effects of cyclones make it difficult for everyone to get back to their normal life. If you are the sole breadwinner of your family, you must get your entire family covered under a family floater plan. This way, you will not have to worry about the huge medical and hospital bills.
  • Besides them, there are many other types of expenses that you might have to shell out from your pocket, such as ambulance charges, room rent, nursing expenses, ICU charges, etc. If you have a health insurance plan, your insurer will take care of these expenses.

So, those are some of the reasons why people nowadays must protect themselves and even their family members with an effective and well-designed health insurance policy. It is the best way you can ensure the well-being and safety of your loved ones.

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What Calamities Like Fani Warn Us About?

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