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Frequently Asked Questions

acccordionIcon What is health Insurance ?

Health insurance is coverage of risks related to health hazards.

acccordionIcon Why do I need health Insurance ?

Medical emergencies come un-announced. The cost of healthcare can be enormous. In the absence of health insurance, this expense has to be borne out-of-pocket. This can have an adverse impact on the financial situation of a family. A Health Insurance cover provides much needed financial assistance in case of emergencies, and ensures that you can access healthcare facilities when you need them the most, without worrying about the medical expenses.

acccordionIcon Advantages of Reliance Health Insurance

Our products are easy to choose, easy to buy and easy to use. There are no sublimits or copayments applied unless voluntarily opted. More Health Insurance offers extended Pre/Post hospitalisation period, no specific day care list, renewal benefit such as health check-up discount, restoration of sum insured and other unique benefits like MoreTime, MoreCover, MoreGlobal and host of other benefits. For more details please read our product literature. 

acccordionIcon How does Reliance health insurance compare with those offered by other institutions?

Reliance Health insurance products are  simplified with Automagic experience, when compared to other health insurers in market.

acccordionIcon What are the benefits under this policy?

More Health insurance product offers inpatient care, extended pre/post Hospitalisation and other benefits which are at on par with market. In addition it offers unique benefits such as - Restore Benefit, Special Treatments  and More Option Benefits. Please refer to product literature for further details.

acccordionIcon Is there any eligibility criteria for purchasing more health insurance?

Yes. This More Health Insurance is for age bracket of 91 days to 65 years can apply for this product.

acccordionIcon How many members can be covered under more health insurance?

In a family floater plan a maximum of 8 members can be covered, with a maximum of 2 adults and 6 children. 

acccordionIcon Will I get Maternity Benefit?

No. Maternity benefit is not covered under the More Health Insurance.

acccordionIcon What kind of eye treatment will I get reimbursed for ?

Eye treatments requiring in-patient hospitilisation or day care procedure are covered. Correction of eye sight due to refractive error above dioptre 14.0 is also covered. However, any treatment under taken for purpose of cosmetic change is not covered.

acccordionIcon How many times can I go for full body health check-up under your policy?

Product doesn’t offer preventive Health check-up. However if you share your health check-up reports which is done during the policy year then we will provide discount at your policy renewal.

acccordionIcon Which all family members can be covered under policy?

Family Floater plan covers - Self, spouse and children.

acccordionIcon For how many days pre hospitalisation expenses are covered?

Pre-hospitalisation medical expenses incurred in the 90 days before the hospitalisation will be covered.

acccordionIcon Can I include my parents in policy if they are senior citizen?

Yes as long as the maximum entry age is less than or equal to 65 years.

acccordionIcon Can I transfer my individual health policy to a family floater?

Yes. You can change your plan at the time of renewal.

acccordionIcon What are the diseases covered?

Diseases which are not pre-existing, and not specifically excluded would be covered which requires hospitalisation. Please refer to the product literature for time bound exclusions.

acccordionIcon Any room rent capping?

One of the best feature in More Health Insurance is, it doesn’t have any room rent capping. 

acccordionIcon Can I cover my parents and parent in laws? What is the age limit?

Yes, you can cover your parents and parents-in-laws provided their age is under 65 years.

acccordionIcon Whats the maximum amount/limit permissible for bonus accumulation and what is bonus sum insured?

There is no cumulative bonus provision in our more health insurance.

acccordionIcon What is the difference between cashless claims and reimbursement?

Cashless claim is a process where the insured undergoes hospitalisation in the network hospital & the claimed amount is paid directly to the hospital and reimbursement claim, on the other hand, is a process where insured undergoes hospitalisation in non network hospital, pays for all the expenses first and later applies for reimbursement. In this case, the claimed amount is paid to the insured.

acccordionIcon How can I intimate a new claim ?

You can intimate a new claim through following modes -

A. Website :

1. Login to the website and enter your registered email id then you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number.
2. Once you login, click on "Intimate a new claim".
3. You need to select your policy number from the drop down option and select the member against whom you are raising the claim intimation.
4. Enter your policy, insured, intimator, case , hospital and your communication details.
5. On submission of above details, you will receive intimation number.

B. You can also call / mail us for claim intimation.

acccordionIcon What do you mean by Pre Authorization?

In order to avail cashless facility, pre-approval is required from insurance company called Pre-Authorization. It applies in case the insured goes for admission to a network hospital.

acccordionIcon Pre-Authorization request is valid for how many days?

Pre-Authorization request is valid for 7 days from the expected date of admission to the hospital. Policy should be active / valid during these 7 days.

acccordionIcon How can I check my claim status?

You can login on the website and check the list of claims made and respective status.

acccordionIcon How many claims can be availed in a year?

Any number of claims can be availed upto the limit of Sum Insured / Capping.

acccordionIcon What is Planned hospitalisation?

Planned hospitalisation means the insured informs insurer about the hospitalisation in advance. Insurer must be informed before 48 hrs or immediately post hospitalisation. You can also intimate us 30 days before hospitalisation.

acccordionIcon Can you reconsider my pre-auth if its rejected initially?

Yes, we can reconsider rejected pre-auth supported with clarification from treating doctor.

acccordionIcon What are the situations under which one may be denied cashless hospitalisation?

There may be various reasons like waiting period, sum insured exhausted, permanent exclusion, sub-limit exhausted.

acccordionIcon To whom my family members can approach in case of help required to lodge a claim request?

The members can contact RHI via customer care number or mail us at

acccordionIcon How does one get reimbursements in case of treatment in non- network hospitals?

Post availing the treatment, the customer needs to submit the required documents to RHI. Claims team will evaluate the documents and sanction the amount as per policy terms and conditions. The sanctioned amount will be credited to insured's A/C.

acccordionIcon My reimbursement claim will be processed in how many days?

Your reimbursement claim will be settled in two weeks from last document submission.

acccordionIcon I have a disease. Can I raise a claim ?

Yes, you can raise the claim. We will process the claim as per policy T & C.

acccordionIcon What is a settlement letter ?

Settlement letter is a letter which will be shared by us after we process your claim. The letter will have all the details of your claim.

acccordionIcon Will the medical costs be reimbursed from day one of the cover?

The medical costs will be covered post waiting period.

acccordionIcon Will I get the entire amount of the claimed expenses?

The claims team will evaluate claim request and sanction the claim amount as per terms and conditions of the policy.

acccordionIcon Can any claim be rejected or refused?

Yes, RHI can reject claim in case of fraud or when customer does not submit the required documents within given turn around time (TAT).

acccordionIcon Should the claim be submitted to the Insurance Company or TPA?

We have inhouse claims processing team. So you need to submit the claim to RHI.

acccordionIcon My policy is in grace period for renewal but can I raise claim during that term?

No, If a policy is in grace period you can't raise claims.

acccordionIcon What is the procedure to get reimbursement in case of planned hospitalisation?

As a good practice, please keep us informed by intimating the claim before admission. Maximum upto 7 days post discharge please submit the required copies with the claim form. Post hopitalisation expenses can be submitted separately.

acccordionIcon How can I track my claim for current claim status details ?

We will keep you updated on the status of the claim through emails / SMS. You can also track your claim on our website.

acccordionIcon Is the claim amount subject to tax ?

No, the claim amount you receive under your health policy is not subject to tax.

acccordionIcon What is the process to purchase your policy?

You can click here to purchase the policy. Its a very simple and quick process. You are required to enter few details like name, mobile no, email id, answer few medical questions and post evaluating your proposal form, we will be issuing you policy.

acccordionIcon Is there an income tax exemption on the premium?

Yes there is a tax exemption under section 80D.

acccordionIcon Can I buy floater policy?

Yes, you can buy floater policy. 

acccordionIcon What is the expiry of my policy?

The expiry of your policy will be mentioned in your policy document.

acccordionIcon What does my policy cover ?

You would have received policy kit on your registered email ID. The details are present in the kit.

acccordionIcon While making payment through net banking, due to internet connectivity issue I was not able to pay. What are next steps in this case?

You can login to the customer portal and open your pending proposal.

acccordionIcon How can I pay premium?

Through all payment options - debit, credit, internet banking, certain wallets, UPI.  All these can be accessed through our payment gateway.

acccordionIcon Can I pay in instalments or are EMI options available on my debit card?

No. You cannot pay the premium in instalments.

acccordionIcon Is medical test mandatory for everyone?

Medical test are not mandatory.  Medical test can be asked on a case to case basis taking into consideration product, age and existing medical conditions.

acccordionIcon Where can the medical tests be conducted?

The medical tests can be conducted at any designated diagnostic centres identified by Reliance Health Insurance. List of such centres is available during the medical booking process.

acccordionIcon Can I book the check-up online?

Yes, it can be booked online. You can login to the customer portal and view "Pending Proposals" section. Also, you would have received the link on your registered email ID.

acccordionIcon Who bears the expenses for PPHC/medical check-up and who gets the medical reports?

100% cost of Pre Policy Health Check-up will be borne by Reliance Health Insurance Limited and reports of accepted cases will be shared with you.

acccordionIcon What If I miss my appointment?

We can reschedule the appointment.

acccordionIcon Can I reschedule my medical test?

Yes it can be rescheduled. You can raise the request to us via call / mail.

acccordionIcon Is home medical check-up option available?

Yes, however, please note that all the medical tests might not be covered during home visit.

acccordionIcon How does the home tests work? Will the technician contact us?

Diagnostic Centre person will call you 1-day prior with test instructions and documents needed for verification.

acccordionIcon Can my recent test reports be used in case of pre policy health check-up requirement?

No, It cannot be used.

acccordionIcon How can I renew my policy?

RHI will send you renewal notice before 2 months  from the expiry date of the policy. In case you don’t receive the renewal notice, you can reach out to us at 022-33426868. It is a good practice to renew the policy within 15 days before expiry of the policy.

acccordionIcon What is endorsement?

An endorsement is an amendment or addition to an insurance policy / proposal.

acccordionIcon How can I make amendments in my policy?

Intimate us via call / mail.

Submit the required documents, if required.

Post evaluating the request, you will have to pay additional amount  if required.

You will receive endorsed document on your registered email ID.

acccordionIcon I have insurance policy with another insurer. I want to port it to RHI policy. What is the process ?

Yes, you can port your policy. You need to inform us at least 45 days before, but not earlier than 60 days from the premium renewal date of his/her existing policy. Intimate us via call / mail. We will share the list of required documents & portability form with you. You need to courier the documents as per the list. Post receiving the documents, your case will be evaluated. Post evaluation, you will receive payment link. You need to make the payment. Post payment, you will receive the policy kit on your registered email ID. Portability approval is at the discretion of the company.

acccordionIcon How can I raise a complaint?

You can either call us at 022-33426868 or mail us at

acccordionIcon How to check the status for my complaint?

You can login into website and check your complaint status. You will be also intimated on via email / SMS.

acccordionIcon In how much time my complaint will be resolved?

We will resolve your complaint within 48 hours. There are certain issues which may require additional time, in such case, we will resolve within 14 days.

acccordionIcon How can one raise a complain to ombudsman?

The list of ombudsman is available on IRDAI website -