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Service Timelines

Given below is the list of services and the maximum turnaround time (TAT) which the Company would take to respond to those service requests as prescribed by IRDAI (Protection of Policyholders’ Interests) Regulations, 2017:

Stage Description Start Point TAT in calendar days
At time of sale Processing of proposal and communicating the acceptance/rejection Premium Receipt Date 7
In general cases where medical examination to be done and certificates are to be produced Date of receipt of last requirement 15
Sharing a proposal form copy Date of receipt of Request 3
Issuance of premium receipt Premium Receipt Date 15
Post-sale Issuance of policy document Date of Issuance of Policy 15
Free look cancellations and refund of deposit from the date of receipt of the request Date of receipt of last requirement 15
Issuance of duplicate policy on request Date of receipt of Request 7
Endorsement Related
a) For inclusion/deletion in Group policies Date of receipt of request or last requirement 15
b) Cancellation and refund 14
c) Correction of errors 7
d) Change of Nominee 7
e) Correction of errors in the policy 7
f) Inclusion of new members in case of Group policies 15
g) Any other non-claim related changes 7
Claims Claims Reimbursements Last requirement fulfilment date 30
Claims Reimbursements (requiring investigation) 45
Grievance Acknowledgement of Grievance Grievance Receipt date 3
Providing resolution of Grievance Grievance Receipt or last requirement fulfilment date 14